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Leadership at Park...

The leadership at Park Church is made up of a session of ruling elders which are elected to three year terms.

Each elder is responsible for a team, in which they lead monthly meetings.  In addition to leading their teams, they sit  on the Church Board which meets monthly  to make decisions for the church.

The session is moderated by the Pastor of the Church. 

Teams at Park...
Christian Education/Worship Church Family Life
Finance/Stewardship Mission
Property Personnel/Membership

From the Pastor...

I am thrilled to be the pastor here at Park Church. There are so many ways to be involved, whether it is for a one time opportunity or for an on-going experience in receiving Christ into your life!

In addition to our Sunday morning worship, we offer several programs including: R.O.C.K. (our once a month youth program) featuring creative hands-on experiences for kids, bible studies, book studies and many more opprotunities for fellowship through our active Church Family Life activities and events.  

We live in a world that is forever changing and challenging, which is why Park Chruch has decided to become a "Matthew 25 Church." This exciting new intiative by the PC(USA) allows us to be radical thinkers and doers as we step into our personal and/or group calls as Christians, to do the work of Jesus Christ, in a world that is forever changing. The "Matthew 25 initiative" guides us in making a difference in the lives of those who are oppressed, in fighting systematic racism, while deeping our faith and joyfully engaging in the community.

At Park Church we are proud to be part of the PC(USA) which is an open and affirming denomination, welcoming everyone!

Please join us!


Rev. Christopher

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